The temporomandibular joint acts like a sliding hinge that’s the link from your skull into the jawbone.TMJ can be caused by your genetics, injury to the jaw or even arthritis. Nocturnal tooth grinding and clenching can also play a role, though tooth grinders don’t always develop TMJ. Frequent complaints include stiffness, pain, clicking sounds that are audible to others and even having your jaw lock up from time to time. It might even extend to a dull pain around the ear and back of the head. Chewing may cause pain as well. These are all a consequence of the jaw itself becoming misaligned. Over the years if not corrected adhesions can form in the muscle keeping the jaw out of place.

Whiplash from automobile accidents can be the first cause of a beginning of TMJ. When ligaments stretch or tear it may pull the jaw from a place. Other injuries involving the facial region can have the exact results.If not treated correctly, over time degeneration of the disk between the jaw and the skull may occur, wearing away which leaves only bone on the bone to rub together wreak havoc on the nerves found in that area. The more quickly you find therapy the less time the misalignment must set it and start to wear in erroneous motion patterns.

Visiting Body Wellness Center for Chiropractor for jaw pain can be a tremendous help. They take an overall approach to well-being and assist to ascertain the cause and the consequent best course of action.

Manual adjustments might be used as a treatment for the jaw disease. Your doctor may press on areas of your skull, jaw and upper spine to be able to help alleviate aching inflamed nerves increasing your jaw’s range. The active release technique which is a soft tissue established therapy is likely to be used. When coupled with frequently scheduled chiropractic therapy it has been demonstrated to be quite an effective method to obtain healing and pain relief.

Leading specialists at The National Institutes of Health recommend those treatments as the best plan of action. Noninvasive treatments should always be attempted first, rather than automatically leaning towards aggressive treatments like surgery and implants, which penetrate the cells of the face, jaw or joint.