The human shoulder has always been a complicated component of our bodies. Even with or without direct accidents or injuries, the shoulder can cause us various problems based on our genetics, lifestyle, and more.

Over the years, people have complained about frozen shoulders, spasms, and various other types of problems. Several of these
problems are often caused by the negligence of one’s patterns of life and health in general.

Although these can be non-lethal in nature, they can cause serious impediments to one’s productivity, mobility, strength, mood, and more in their daily and long-term life. To avoid major problems related to your shoulder now and in the future, you are recommended to take early action by getting your shoulder treated.

When it comes to shoulder-related accidents and injuries, the complications and problems faced by people can be even more severe. It is already a well-known fact that shoulder surgeries are some of the most intensive procedures in the world and there is a huge chance of facing post-surgical shoulder complications.

This is a big reason why people who suffer from shoulder accidents or injuries should not waste any time at all before getting the right kind of treatment they need and deserve.

Body Wellness Center in New Jersey specializes in various types of shoulder care and treatment methods that will help you appropriately recognize the problem, develop your muscular strength, mobilize your shoulder, and get your movement back.

Body Wellness Center offers various types of shoulder rehab services like rotator cuff rehab, labrum tear rehab, post-surgical rehab for your shoulder, and a lot more.

Shoulder Rehab by Body Wellness Center NJ

Almost half the population of the United States is affected by shoulder complications or pain at some point in their lives. Although the causes of shoulder pain and problems may vary, the treatment procedures and plans for shoulder rehab are quite similar.

Body Wellness Center recommends that you do not ignore any signs or symptoms of your shoulder problems for too long as they can turn into chronic problems in the future. This is because, like any other bone, muscle, or tissue in your body, the shoulder also needs adequate care at the right time so it can heal and function appropriately.

Here’s how Body Wellness Center in New Jersey helps you with your shoulder rehab:

Shoulder Rehab

If any of your shoulders have continued discomfort, pain, immobility, or injuries from accidents or by playing sports, it’s crucial to start your shoulder rehab treatment immediately. The shoulder is a complicated component of the body and ignoring or neglecting discomforts and pain for too long can lead to long-term or chronic issues.

Body Wellness Center’s shoulder rehab exercises and treatment program can help you in your shoulder recovery, no matter what stage you’re currently in. After thoroughly evaluating your exact needs, our shoulder rehab professionals create a customized and highly effective shoulder recovery program so you can smoothly and quickly get back to 100% fitness.

Rotator Cuff Rehab

Rotator Cuff tears and injuries can be nasty as they can impair the smooth movement of one’s shoulder. Rotator Cuff tears and injuries mostly include a tear or injury in one of the rotator cuffs group of muscles or tendons. This can cause shoulder discomfort, pain, weakness, and increased inability to move freely. Rotator Cuff problems make it difficult to brush or tie one’s hair, put on clothing, lift different types of weights, and more.

At Body Wellness Center, we take Rotator Cuff tears and injuries very seriously because it is crucial for better functionality and stability of your shoulder and upper body. Our Rotator Cuff rehab program will help you heal your muscles, tendons, and joints so you can get your shoulder mobility and strength back!

Labrum Tear Rehab

Labrum tears can occur because of aging, sports injuries, accidents, and more. Labrum tears and injuries can sometimes be hard to diagnose as they can require a round of physical examinations, MRIs, X-Rays, CT scans, arthroscopy, and more. Depending on the severity of the injury, the labrum tear rehab process can include physical therapy, surgery, a high protein diet, and more.

At Body Wellness Center, we take labrum tears and injuries very seriously because the therapy for labrum tears helps mobilize and protect various parts of your shoulder. Our labrum tear rehab program will help you heal your muscles, tendons, and joints so you can get your shoulder mobility and strength back!

Post-Surgical Rehab

During and after any surgery, the body goes through changes that can cause discomfort and pain. After shoulder surgery, the operated areas can feel sore, swell up, and more. But, depending on the type of surgery done, one would have to go through some kind of physical therapy to fully recover. The timeline for shoulder exercises after surgery and the intensity of it also depend on the type and severity of the problem and procedure.

At Body Wellness Center, we create customized and highly effective post-surgical shoulder rehab programs that will help you heal your muscles, tendons, and joints so you can get your shoulder mobility and strength back!

Our experienced, professional, and trusted shoulder rehab team at Body Wellness Center will conduct a thorough evaluation of your exact problem, find the root cause of the issue, and plan and execute your smoothest and quickest road to full recovery!

If you are experiencing any symptoms related to your shoulders like rotator cuff tear, labrum tear, post-surgical shoulder discomfort or pain, or any other problem, do not hesitate to contact us today! You can either visit our website at or call us at (973) 246-9355 to connect with us.