When it comes to health, your knees are a pretty important part of the equation. When your knee is injured, it can be difficult to do everything you might have been able to do before. This can be frustrating and quite inconvenient. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to rehabilitate your knee with the help of a professional physical therapist in order to get back on track with life. This article will go into what services are included at various physical therapy clinics and what you should expect during the course of treatment; so that regardless of where you decide to go, you know what is ahead.

Services Included

Knee injury rehab

This involves using a number of therapies to get your knee to the point where it is strong and stable enough for you to return to your normal life. As with all cases, this process depends on how bad the injury is as well as who treated you initially. When someone goes through physical therapy for knee rehab after an injury, it can be a slow process depending on how serious the issue is. You might need anti-inflammatory medications, wrapping or braces, and even crutches to help out during this time. The rehabilitation process can take anywhere from two months to a year depending on how well the joint responds. You will work one-on-one with a physical therapist in order to get your knee back to the point where you can use it normally. During the rehabilitation process, you will likely need to stop doing activities that put unnecessary stress on the knee that could damage it or slow recovery.

Knee surgery rehab

If your knee problems were caused by surgery, then you will want to get started on therapy right away. The process will be different than if you were rehabilitating with an injury, but the results are much the same. The difference is that you need to get the joint back to normal function as soon as possible. This means that you will likely need to work faster and harder during your rehab therapy sessions.

Knee strain rehab

Some people get injured from overextending the knee joint. This can happen when you twist your knee, or even when using heavy weights on it. In this case, you will want to start with stretching and strengthening your leg in order to get the muscle and joints used to working together again. The therapist will work with you on getting your muscles to repair themselves quicker and strengthening the joint before you can use it again.

Knee sprain rehab

This is what happens when you trip and fall on your knee, it may result in experiencing a sprain. Even if they are mild, they can still affect how your body moves in order to get the joint to work properly again. When you start sessions with a physical therapist, they will work with you with exercises that stretch the knee and strengthen the muscles around it.

What to Expect

The amount of time it will take for you to get back onto your feet really depends on how bad the injury is as well as how long you have been experiencing the problem. . In general, you can expect to be back in shape and healthy again in four-to-six weeks after a knee injury. If you have surgery or a more serious sprain, then it will take longer for your recovery and healing process.  The most important part is of course to work at your own pace. If you slack off, then you can easily become discouraged and give up; but if you push yourself, then you will see much better results.

Knee rehab is generally a short-term process that is necessary for any injury but must be followed through with a physical therapist in order to see the best results and return to normal life. This can be difficult for many people to navigate, especially because knee injuries are quite common and there are a number of different techniques and treatments that physical therapists can use on patients, each having its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Remember to visit a qualified physical therapist like one from a physical therapy clinic in order to get your knee rehab started.